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tv   [untitled]    December 27, 2014 6:00am-6:31am PST

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>> good morning, today is wednesday, december 17th, 2014, this is the regular meeting of the abatement appeals board, i would like to remind everyone to please turn off the electronic devices, the first item is roll call. >> clinch.
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>> here. >> mccarthy. >> here. >> mar. >> here. >> lee. >> mccray. >> here. >> walker >> here. >> melgar is excused. the item b, the oath. will all parties giving testimony today please stand to raise your right-hand? do you swear that the testimony you are about to give is the truth to the best of your knowledge? >> move the minute of october, 2014. is there any public comment on the minutes? >> okay, seeing none, are all commissioners in favor?
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>> aye. >> any opposed? >> okay, the minutes are approved. >> item d, continued appeal. case number 6794, 819 ellis street. >> good morning, chief housing inspector as the abatement appeals board may recall this was an item that was before you at the november 19th, 2014, abatement appeals board hearing in which the board indicated that the property owner would have to address 8 items in the notice of decision which are also in today's agenda.
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the taking down of the sign and that occured immediately and they began to seize the residential occupancy of the third and the second floor and as fars the auto repair, you know, i believe that is till going on and i will perhaps on the first floor, and we didn't see the evidence of that going on. and as far as the staff is concerned, we believe that the item or the property owner good faith has responded effectively to item number one. and with respect to item number two, as far as stopping all auto repair activities, again, i believe that there is some
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things going on with the first floor that is accessory or part of the nature of the commercial garage or the taxi service and i will let the property owner maybe give you more information regarding that. and we did not see those uses on the second or the and the alarms at the location, and with respect then to the filing the permits, the property owner has the permits on file, and i
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believe that at the time of the last abatement and appeals board hearing, but the question was, whether they had an accurate permit and plans filed to deal with the work that was done without the permit and, namely the wall partitions where we had the guest rooms. and i am happy to report that in the assistance of lowry, and working with the property owner and the representatives, to show them what the last set of plans were that established the wall partitions which are pretty much, not any that were on the third floor. and that they filed a building permit with an accurate set of plans yesterday, to address removing all of the wall partitions that were put in without a permit and that addressed the concerns that we had regarding all of those wall
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partitions and those photographs that we showed you have framing and then subsequent wall partition and guest rooms created that had of bunk beds. and that has been done. >> could i ask you a question? >> now the work is not done, but the permit is filed. >> when was the permit filed? >> pardon me? >> that permit was filed yesterday. >> so they didn't, they didn't do it within seven days of the hearing. >> they didn't do it within seven days, but they did and were working with the department and there was discuss in the meetings with them and we gave them feedback and information and looked at the set of plans and so they were actively engaged in doing that. so we do and we are confident now that we have a set of plans that are accurately depict what was not legal and what they are doing about that. >> then the next item had to do with the transsee ent occupancy and we did find that they were
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in the process of doing that immediately after the hearing, and that was done at least, what we saw because we are doing the spot checks, and some time completely done some time after our december 11th inspection. and i will tell you that our subsequent inspections to that. have revealed that all of the residential occupancy on the second and third floor has sees ceased we do not see any evidence of that. we see the storage and let he just say that one of the concerns that we had in the ongoing inspections to the november hearing were that the first time that we went out there and we saw the bunk beds that were there and the people were gone, and at least the occupants were gone but the beds were made and ready to go again
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